Sponsor a family

Your support will help a family grow and self-sustain itself.

Family sponsorship looks after the wellbeing of the most vulnerable. Sponsoring a family means ensuring the right to an education for the youngest children, keeping the family unit together, promoting training activities and providing opportunities for self-sustainment:  WORK, DIGNITY, TRAINING, and BREAD!

SaDf is a concrete response of solidarity towards those who are amongst the poorest of the poor.  In this context, training for the family’s head-of-household is fundamental in order to allow the family to pursue small-business activities -- such as artisanal work or handicrafts, and other businesses which can be managed by families -- by granting MICROCREDITS which teach them how to save money and how to plan for the future.  

Begin your sponsorship today with only 50€ per month

You – either individually or together with your family, your colleagues, or your group of friends – can take on the support of an Ethiopian family by paying a fixed annual fee to help with family expenses, training of the head-of-household, and with the startup of a small-business activity.

For example, Aster (a widow with 4 children) was granted microcredits to purchase a goat that needs to be fattened up and some chickens.  In the meantime, she prepares the local bread which she then sells outside the home together with any surplus eggs and milk.  This is the activity which Aster herself proposed to us, as she dreams of self-sustainment -- and she will achieve it!!!  THANKS to her sponsor.


Our banking details:

Intesa SanPaolo bank account:  IBAN IT 43 A 030 6909 6061 0000 0078 040

Sponsorship is also tax-deductible, in Italy as per D.L. n. 35 dated 14/03/2005 with consequent tax benefits.

What will I receive as a sponsor?

As a sponsor you will initially receive biographical data and a photo of the sponsored family.  Periodically you will also receive info and news about the family’s life, about the health of the individual family members, and about their future – a future which will certainly be brighter thanks in large part to your generous contributions.

Your funds will go towards the support of the sponsored family as well as the entire local community, and will also support our local projects in Ethiopia.

Sometimes a sponsorship can end earlier than expected, for various reasons such as a change in the family’s residence or a change in their status.  If this happens, GMAnapoli will ask you to continue sponsoring a new family from the Mission.