The structure, consisting of 2 rooms and in operation since the 2022/2023 academic year, welcomes needy children for educational placement and integral health care of the child.

context of reference

Analysis of the context of reference

In Ethiopia the “Chlamydia trachomatis” bacteria is severely widespread. It causes Trachoma, a very contagious infection affecting the eyes, the cornea, and the eyelids; and which, if left untreated, leads to permanent blindness.


In our last mission (November 2022) we encountered many cases attributable to the infection even among the children attending our nursery school, including a child already blind.


The lack of water creates widespread difficulty in personal hygiene care which favors the proliferation of bacterial conditions such as Trachoma.


Specific aim of the project

Improve the living conditions of the nursery school children:  the lack of water generates structural difficulties that require urgent intervention.

The system will be connected to the water supply by two cisterns, the first one (underground) of 20,000 liters for the storage of water from the public water supply, and the second one of 2,000 liters positioned on a tower to favor the “falling water” pressure which will bring water to two points with 3 taps each.  The connection requires a submerged pump in the first tank.


Project estimate

The estimated cost for the implementation of the project is € 25,000, and includes:

  • Excavation for placement of the underground tank € 3,500;
  • Cistern of 20000 lt in plastic € 3,500;
  • Covering and securing of the underground tank € 3.000;
  • System with underground pump € 3,500;
  • Metal tower to support cistern providing “falling water” pressure € 5,000
  • Cistern of 2000 lt for the “falling water” pressure €2.000;
  • 500 linear meters of tubing + fixtures per water point €1,000;
  • Technicians and manpower on-site € 3,500